About us

About Us

Our Values

INTEGRITY: We believe in honesty and stand by ethical principles to all our stakeholders
COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS: Our commitment to the customers helps us build strong and long-lasting relationships.
PASSION: We are passionate about what we do.
GROWTH-ORIENTED: We believe in our strengths and aim for the sky.
COLLABORATION: We believe in collaboration because it truly unlocks the potential for maximum value to the stakeholders.
EMPATHY: We believe that being empathetic to people around helps and promotes social goodwill.

Our Strength

Founder's Note

Paras Paliwal

First and foremost, I would like to thank all our esteemed stakeholders for supporting and trusting us as an organization.

I was born and brought up in Tinsukia, a small town in upper Assam, India. Tinsukia and other districts around it are some of the densest tea producing regions in the whole world. The mystical and scenic tea gardens surrounding the town have always left me spellbound. I am a 3rd generation entrepreneur and I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity and support to venture into international markets. The true potential of the tea industry hasn’t been unlocked and there are immense opportunities for value addition in this industry.

On the business side, I personally monitor every project and motivate my team to not only meet customers' expectations but also exceed them. Our competence, experience, and expertise help us redefine industry standards and scale new paradigms. The feedback and suggestions provided by our customers are taken sincerely and help us to improve constantly.

We promise to improve the quality of our services by setting higher standards and achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We foresee immense opportunities in the F&B industry and are planning to strategically expand and explore new markets.